Academics Calendar

Grand Asian University Sialkot Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Fall Semester 2023

Activity Duration
Registration/ Enrollment (For New Intake) 16 October-03 November, 2023
Fee Deposit (For Continuing Semesters) 03 October-20 October,2023
Commencement of Classes (For Continuing Semesters) 23-Oct-23
Orientation (For New Intake) 02 November-03 November, 2023
Last Date for Fee Deposit (For New Intake) 03-Nov-23
Commencement of Classes (For New Intake) 06-Nov-23
Add/Drop Courses 06 November - 10 November, 2023
Study Tour/Industrial Tours December, 2023
Winter Vacation 26 December-29 December,2023
Mid Semester Examination 01 January-05 January,2024
Sports/Cultural Week 29 January-02 February,2024
Display of Short Attendance List 22-Feb-24
Display of Sessional Awards 23 February,2024
End Semester Examination 26 February-08 March, 2024
Semester Break (for Students) 11 March-22 March, 2024
Seminars/Workshops for Faculty and Students March,2024
Last Date of Result Submission on LMS 14 March,2024
Declaration of Result 19-Mar-24

Spring Semester 2024 

Activity Duration
Registration/Enrollment (For New Intake) 04 March -22 March, 2024
Orientation (For New Intake) 22 March,2024
Last Date for Fee Deposit (For all Students) 22 March,2024
Commencement of Classes (For all Students) 25 March,2024
Add/Drop Courses 01 April-05 April,2024
Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays 10 April-12 April, 2024
Mid Semester Examination 13 May -17 May, 2024
Study Tour/Industrial Tours May,2024
Eid-ul-Azha Holidays 17 June-19 June 2024
Display of Short Attendance List 1I July,2024
Display of Sessional Awards 12 July,2024
Ashura Holidays 16 July -17 July, 2024
End Semester Examination 18 July-02 August,2024
Seminars/Workshops for Faculty and Students August, 2024
Semester/Summer Break 05 August-04 October, 2024
Last Date of Result Submission on LMS 07 August, 2024
Declaration of Result 12 August, 2024

Summer Semester 2024 

Activity Duration
Registration & Fee Deposit 29 July-02 August, 2024
Commencement of Classes 05 August, 2024
Mid Semester Examination 26 August-30 August, 2024
End Semester Examination 30 September - 04 October, 2024
Last Date of Result Submission on LMS 08 October, 2024
Declaration of Result 11 October,2024

The Fall Semester 2024 for continuing semester will commence from October 14, 2024.
The Islamic holidays shall be subject to sighting of moon and as per Government / University notifications.
All gazetted holidays will be observed as per Government/University notifications.
In case of holiday, teachers will be required to complete the number of lectures by arranging the makeup classes.
The ORIC and QEC will notify and conduct the monthly seminars, workshops and training sessions for faculty and students in consultation with the departments/faculties concerned.
The activities in sports / cultural week and student week / book fair will be arranged, notified and monitored by the Directorate of Student Affairs with the approval of the University Authority.




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