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MS Biochemistry


  • The program is designed to cater the growing demand for graduate and post graduate scholars in the field of Biochemistry. The program objectives are:
    • To provide advanced scientific and technological training in Biochemistry.
    • Develop creative and analytical thinking
    • To integrate knowledge of the wide area of Biosciences and develop solutions by defining strategies, planning and execution of experiments independently.
    • To allow professional integration of the students into the job market in different areas like Education, Forensic Science, Health (Clinical analysis/ Lab.), Industry (Food, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology) and Environment.


The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Biochemistry is a research-based degree program. It will cater the need of public and private sectors.

This program will provide scientific, technical and laboratory oriented trained manpower to demonstrate advanced knowledge in Biochemistry and apply them in solving specific problems in new situations in multidisciplinary contexts. The program will be unique regarding preparing Master holders in two directions: one concerned with scientific research and further studies for PhD; and the other concerned with professional integration in the job market in different areas. Some of the common fields where a biochemist can apply are listed below

  • Medical Labs
  • Forensic Labs
  • Education Departments
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Research Organizations
  • Agriculture research Institutes
  • Public Health Departments
  • Biochemical Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Agriculture firms
  • Food Production Companies

Scheme Of Studies
MS Biochemistry

Semester Wise Details

Semester 1
S. No Course Code Course Title Credit Hour
1 BCH-701 Introduction to Endocrinology 2 (2-0)
2 STAT-xxx Biostatistics 3(3-0)
3 BCH-703 Advances in Molecular Biology 3(3-0)
4 BCH-704 Advanced Biochemical Techniques 3(2-1)
5 BCH-705 Special Problem 1(1-0)
Total Credit 12
Semester 2
S. No Course Code Course Title Credit Hour
1 BCH-706 Food Biochemistry 3 (3-0)
2 BCH-707 Stem Cell and Therapeutics 3 (3-0)
3 BCH-708 Recombinant DNA technology 3 (3-0)
4 BCH-709 Research Methodology 2 (2-0)
5 BCH-710 Seminar 1(1-0)
Total Credit 12
Semester 3 and 4
S. No Course Code Course Title Credit Hour
1 BCH-708 Research Report/ Thesis 6 (0-6)
Total 6


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