Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz

Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz



Profile Summary

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Gul Faraz has the following Brief Achievements/ Award at glance

Experience                                     35 years

Impact Factor                                       300

Research Publications                                    350

Total citation                                          2565

Total reads                                             33936

ORCID 10411, https//orcid.org10000-0002-6975-9619

Books                                                    04

Ph.D. Theses  (completed)                        16

Ph.D Theses  membership                         80

M.Phil. Theses  (completed)               103

Membership of M.phil theses                    100

Foreign Travels                                                  06

Research projects completed               09( including students funds)

Conferences organized                       06

Conferences attended                         30

Post doctoral studies                          03 Germany/ UK

Post graduation                                 01 Germany

Short training                                   01 China

International scholarship                    DAAD scholarship Since 1992

Memberships of societies                  04

Research Expertise =   Natural products chemistry and Bio fuel/ Bio energy   production from agricultural Biomass   =    Biopolymers and industrial chemicals

Research interest= Isolation, purification and chemical characterization of bioactive secondary metabolites from olive oil, honey, fruits/vegetables and medicinal plants those could be used against human and animals   diseases.

Production of Bio ethanol, Biodiesel and Bio methane by using agriculture wastes and        Conversion of gas and liquid fuels for generation of energy

Analytical Technological  expertise   = HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, AAS, UV-Visible and bio fermenter  etc.

Ph. D Biological Sciences Department of Biological Sciences

Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad.

M.phil Biochemistry Department of Biological Sciences

Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad.

MSc Biochemistry/Chemistry Punjab University, Lahore 1984-1986


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